For many decades the Directors of Asset1 have been delivering diverse and significant master-planned communities including commercial acquisitions and projects, residential sub-divisions, integrated housing and modern apartment buildings in local and international markets.


Asset1’s character is not a simple consequence of its developments, projects and strategies alone. It is a reflection of its people and Directors’ philosophy of employing the very best planners, urban designers, landscape architects and engineers.

The collective and extensive experience of the directors of Asset1 fulfils the notion that ‘The whole is a sum of many parts’, and differentiates them as more than just property developers but visionaries, underpinned by solid business strategies and profitable growth.

Another hallmark of success stems not so much from the quality of elements used but in how those elements collaborate and are complemented by leadership in ecologically responsible and sustainable developments. This legacy and vision of the Directors of Asset1 is ratified by the thousands of satisfied and trusting customers and rewarded by the receipt of many accolades and international awards.

Strategies for diversification into complementary market segments, further penetration of the Australian market and entry into Asian markets augur well for the prospects of the Directors of Asset1.

The Directors of Asset1 will continue to forge strong relationships and alliances with diverse bodies including architectural firms, financial institutions and government agencies to help deliver the future while ensuring that their high standards, ethics and expectations continue to be the cornerstone of their brand.

As pioneers of the past, the Directors of Asset1 are now instrumental in shaping the future.

Resources and Expertise

Asset1 has the depth and breadth of experience to envisage and successfully execute the development.In terms of project management, design, architecture, planning and project administration, Asset1 has at its disposal a wealth of resources that have evolved since the mid -1970s

Asset1 and its shareholders have the financial support of a number of major Australian banking institutions. These include ANZ Bank, National Australia Bank, OCBC, St George Bank, HSBC, Bendigo Bank, and Bankwest.

All personnel have extensive experience in various aspects of development in and around Melbourne and internationally, and each brings a depth of skill and talent to a highly motivated and focused team.